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October 11, 2014

Mary Parke and her husband David Thompson served as missionaries to Japan for over five decades. In this fifth excerpt from her diaries, Mary describes her satisfaction with both learning Japanese and teaching Christianity while she and “Mr. Thompson” anxiously await a letter from the Board of Foreign Missions about their proposed marriage. [1]


Yedo [now Toyko]. August 19 [1873]: Returned from Yokohama yesterday morning.[2...

October 8, 2014

Visiting the Presbyterian Historical Society soon?

Please help with our 2014 Fall Food Drive!

PHS is accepting canned or boxed items, all of which will go to the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, an organization started with the assistance of John Wanamaker in 1878.

Donated items should be placed in a paper shopping bag if possible and come from one of the following shopping lists:

*Thanksgiving List...

October 14, 2014
During the 1920s, Americans began buying home radios in large numbers. Religious leaders, eager to connect with new audiences, used the new broadcast medium to spread the Gospel. 
Rev. S. Parkes Cadman (1864-1936), a Congregational minister in Brooklyn, NY, is widely considered the first radio pastor. Less well known, but no less important to the history of radio, is Rev. Dr. Theodore Savage, a Presbyterian minister who served as moderator during the question-and-answer section of Cadman’s show.
September 12, 2014

Mary Parke and her husband David Thompson served as missionaries to Japan for over five decades. This fourth excerpt from Mary’s diaries chronicles the deepening relationship between Mary Parke and “Mr. Thompson.”[1]


June 28: [1873, Yedo, now Tokyo] Raining, raining. A long long walk with Mr. Thompson. Oh! even to you, my diary, I cannot think to utter it. How much the heart may contain—what burdens the soul may bear!—Who knows how through all the light may dawn! It is safe in...

September 15, 2014

Note: In 2014 we're commemorating John Knox's 500th birthday for Reformation Sunday. Download our bulletin insert about Knox's interview with Queen Mary, explored at length in this blog post.

Before John Knox returned home from exile to become a hero of the Scottish Reformation, he penned a shocking polemic against women in roles of authority: ...

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