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January 29, 2015

Mary Parke and her husband David Thompson served as missionaries to Japan for over five decades. In this installment from her diary, Mary writes about disagreements over mission direction as well as preparations for her upcoming marriage to David.[1]


Nov 11 [1873, Tokyo]: My [Japanese] teacher did not come today and I studied alone and did some needed thinking too….The new Episcopalian missionaries had a service in the church yesterday after their fashion. My spirit rose up against it. Will God – the high...

January 12, 2015

Say you've decided to adopt DigiByte's 2015 New Years Resolutions or to follow our recommended best practices for filenaming once and for all. Implementing these new strategies effectively within your organization will take more than your personal involvement. That will require the support of a majority of your colleagues.


January 5, 2015

It’s been an amazing year at PHS. We launched new services, a new website, a new membership program, and a new integrated library system. We made significant improvements to our building and computing systems, our financial procedures, and our fundraising efforts. And all of this happened while taking more church records on deposit than ever before and giving more help to in-house researchers. Below is a non-exhaustive--yet pretty long--list of accomplishments we’re particularly proud of. Have a read or just click on the links to see related web sites and real-time social...

January 5, 2015

The Presbyterian Historical Society is pleased to report that we have awarded Heritage Preservation Grants to four PC(USA) congregations. The winners are:

  • Wyalusing Presbyterian Church (Wyalusing, Pa.), organized in 1793.
  • First Presbyterian Church (Livingston, Ala.), organized in 1833.
  • Linn Presbyterian Church (Lake Geneva, Wis.), organized in 1844.
  • Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church (Tuscaloosa, Ala.), organized in 1886.

The Heritage Preservation Grants were established in 2001 in celebration of PHS's 150th...

January 4, 2015

Mary Parke and her husband David Thompson served as missionaries to Japan for over five decades. In this seventh excerpt from her diary, Mary writes about the pressures felt by Japanese converts to Christianity as well as developments in her relationship with David.[1]


Oct. 10 [1873]: The mail came bringing letters from Father, Minnie and A.D. Lehmann, Mr. Lehmann asking me to be a regular correspondent of the Brainard Society of Wooster University.

Oct. 11: I had decided to go out calling with Mrs....

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