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To help patrons locate materials, the society has created several resources, which are available via our website, that describe our holdings. If you find an item of interest you will need to contact the society about the accessibility of the material as our collections do not circulate.

CALVIN, the society's electronic catalog, contains records for over 75,000 books, periodicals, and processed archival collections housed at the society. The CALVIN records for processed archival collections also contain links to the society's finding aids. [Note, CALVIN does not include records for most materials cataloged by the Society before 1980 or unprocessed archival collections.]

Finding Aids are detailed descriptions of the society's processed collections. These usually include a biographical or administrative note, a description of the collection's arrangement, and a folder-level list of the contents of the collection. You may search and browse these finding aids separately from CALVIN.

The Foreign Missionary Personnel Files Index lists foreign missionary personnel files held by the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia. The personnel files document foreign missionaries who served from the 1880s through the present, with most of the files documenting missionaries who served in “Northern stream” Presbyterian denominations before 1983.

The Congregation Vertical Files Index provides an index to vertical files documenting Presbyterian congregations in the United States from the 1880s to the present. The content of each congregation file varies but may contain brief histories, lists of ministers who served the church, photographs, orders of worship, bulletins for special occasions, clippings, and ephemera. This database does not include descriptions of the official records of congregations or the published congregation histories held by the Society. Such descriptions are partially available in our on-line catalog CALVIN.

The Biographical Vertical Files Index contains the biographical vertical (data) files assembled by the Society.

Hall's Index of American Presbyterian Congregations is a compilation and summary of information on Presbyterian congregations published as part of the General Assembly minutes, annual denomination yearbooks, and related sources. The index contains the organization and dissolution dates of churches as well as denomination and location changes, mergers, and other actions.

A Guide to Materials on Western Medicine in China includes descriptions of the materials held at PHS that document the work of missionary physicians, nurses, and medical educators sent to China by the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (PCUSA) and the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. (PCUS) from the 1840s through the early 1950s. The guide is arranged in three sections: Agency records, Personal papers, and Publications.

If by searching the resources listed above you do not locate a certain collection, please contact the reference desk for assistance.