Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. Board of Foreign Missions, China Mission,
Secretaries' Records, 1955-1957
Finding Aid to Record Group 129
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Presbyterian work in China commenced when the first missionaries arrived in Ningpo in 1844. Within a year a church had been established there. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, eight distinct missions were established throughout China. These included:

the Central China and the Kiangan Missions (1906)
the South China Mission (1845)
the Hainan Mission (1893)
the Shantung Mission (1862)
the North China Mission (1863)
the Hunan Mission (1899)
the Yunnan Mission (1923)

The stations of the Central China Mission predate the mission's formal establishment in 1906. Ningpo became the first permanent station to be occupied in 1844, followed by stations at Shanghai (1850), Soochow (1871), and Hangchow (1895). The stations of the Kiangan Mission also preceded the mission's formal organization and consisted of Nanking (1876), Hwaiyuan (1901), Nanhsuchow (1912) and Showchow (1919).

The station at Canton, opened in 1845, initially remained the only one in south China; because of its distance from the other stations, it was constituted as a separate mission. Stations were later opened at Yeungkon (1886), Linchow (1890), Kochow (1912) and Sheklung (1915). Hainan, originally an outgrowth of the Canton Mission, was formally recognized as a separate mission in 1893 and included the stations at Noda and Kuingchow (1884-1885) and Kachek (1902).

Missionary work in the north centered around Chefoo, which was opened in 1862. The Shantung Mission, destined to become the largest mission in China, later included the stations at Tsinan (1872), Weihsien (1882), Ichow (1891), Tsining (1892), Tsengtao (1898), Yihsien (1905) and Tenghsien (1913). Work in Peking commenced in 1863, with stations later opened at Paoting (1893) and Shunteh (1903). These three stations were later encorporated as the North China Mission in 1905.

The opening of Siangtan in 1899 signaled the beginning of missionary work in the interior province of Hunan. The advent of the Boxer Rebellion disrupted work until 1902, when the station at Hengchow was organized. Subsequent stations were opened at Chenchow (1904), Changteh (1906) and Changsha (1913). The Yunnan Mission, formerly part of the Siam Mission until 1923, consisted of the stations at Chiengrung and Yuankiang. In 1933, the former was returned to the Siam Mission and the remaining missionaries and churches were transferred to the German Vandsburger Mission.

The Church's ministry in China was primarily educational, medical and evangelical. Elementary, secondary, university and technical institutions presented western ideas that challenged the

traditional concept of a classic Chinese education. Medical facilities like the McCartee Hospital, the J.G. Kerr Hospital for the Insane and the Ming Sum School for the Blind exemplified the Church's concern for the physical well-being of the Chinese people. In toto, over 92 hospitals and dispensaries were established throughout China.

Evangelization, an integral part of the educational and medical work of the mission, was largely entrusted to the Church of Christ in China, established in 1927 and consisting of over 15 different European and American denominations plus several independent churches.


Record Group 129 includes minutes, reports, correspondence and historical material on the various stations. The bulk of the material dates from 1956-1967, although there are some older records. The collection documents the Church's ministry to the Chinese people as well as the Chinese reaction to western influences. Also evidenced are the upheavals that engulfed China, including the effects of both revolution, civil and world war. Notable also are the effects of the 1949 takeover by the Communists and its impact upon the Church, the peasants and Chinese society generally.

The collection is roughly in chronological order; the materials were left in their original filing order and no attempt was made to establish a series level arrangement.


The materials from the year 1957 were discovered after the rest of the collection was processed, hence their placement out of the chronological sequence.

Related collections include Record Group 82, China Mission records 1891-1955.

Collection processed and finding aid prepared: 1977
Jane Ramsay, Records Researcher

Notes to finding aid added: 1983
Frederick J. Heuser, Jr, Archivist

Box	Folder	Description
1	1	Finding Aid to Record Group 129

	2	Historical Material
	3	Experience under Communists, 1948
4	"US Gunboats on the Yangtze:  History and Political Aspects 1842-1922" 
		(by E.M. Tate)
	5	Central China--"Shanghai Station History, 1895-1936" 
		(by G. Partch); Central China Mission Rules, 1934;
		Associated Mission Treasurers' Agreement, 1921
	6	East China--Historical Material, Mission Rules
	7	Hainan--Historical Material, Rules, First Annual Report, 1893
	8	Kiangan Mission--Survey, General Rules
     	9	North China--Historical Material, Mission Rules
	10	Shantung--Historical Material
	11	Mission Rules
	12	South China--Historical Material, Constitution, Manual of Rules
	13	West China--Yunnan: Constitution, Terms of Service
	14	China Committee--Informal Minutes 1959
	15	China Council--Constitution, Handbook
	16	China Situation--Reports and Statements 1925-52
	17	Communism in China
	18	Confidential Reports of Missionaries
	19	Nanking Theological Seminary--Minutes, Correspondence and Reports, 1959-63
	20	Property Matters--Shanghai Real Estate (Gift to BFM)
	21	Restoration Fund, 1948
	22	Report re Events in Linhsien, 1949-55 (by H. Bradshaw)
	23	Notes on World War II Losses (Data Used in War Claims, 1960s)
	24	Hong Kong--Reports, Background Information 1960-64
	25	Taiwan--Bulletin re 1965 Centennial, 1962; Statistical Reports, 1964
	26	List of Medical Schools in China, 1966
	27	Language Study Regulations


1	28	Appropriations and Estimates
	29	China Churches--Church of Christ in China, Reports and Correspondence
	30	Executive Correspondence
	31	General
	32	Institutions
	33	Chung Chi College and Nanking Theological Seminary
	34	Minutes and Reports
	35	Property Matters

		1957--see Box 3 Folders 29-38


1	36	Appropriations and Estimates
	37	Church of Christ in China--Bulletins and Audit Report 	
	38	Executive Correspondence
	39	General
	40	Institutions
	41	Nanking Theological Seminary
	42	Minutes and Reports
	43	Treasurer's Correspondence


2	1	Appropriations and Estimates
	2	Church of Christ in China, Presbyterian Church of Formosa
	3	Executive Correspondence
	4	General
	5	Chung Chi College, Nanking Seminary, Tainan Theological College, 
		Tunghai University
	6	Minutes
	7	Property Matters
	8	Reports
	9	Treasurer


2	10	Appropriations and Estimates
	11	Audiovisual
	12	Church of Christ in China, Presbyterian Church of Formosa
	13	Executive Correspondence
	14	General
	15	Hong Kong Christian Council
	16	Interboard Committee
	17	Institutions--Pu Ying Middle School, others
	18	Minutes
	19	Treasurer


2	20	Appropriations and Estimates

2	21	Audiovisual
	22	Church of Christ in China, Presbyterian Church of Formosa
	23	Executive Correspondence and Reports
	24	General
	25	Hong Kong Interboard Committee Minutes, Hong Kong Christian Council
	26	Institutions--Nanking Seminary, Pu Ying School, others
	27	Property Matters
	28	Reports--general and personal
	29	Treasurer's and Executive Correspondence


2	30	Appropriations and Estimates
	31	Church of Christ in China, Presbyterian Church of Formosa
	32	Executive Correspondence
	35	Institutions
	36	Minutes, Property Matters, Reports
	37	Treasurer's and Executive Correspondence


3    	1	Appropriations and Estimates, Budget
	2	Churches: Correspondence, Bulletins, Reports, Financial Statements
	3	Executive Correspondence
	4	General
	5	Hong Kong--Christian Council; Interboard Committee
	6	Institutions
	7	Property Reports
	8	Treasurer's and Executive Correspondence


3	9	Appropriations and Estimates, Budget
	10	Churches
	11	Executive Correspondence
	12	General
	13	Hong Kong: Christian Council; Interboard Committee
	14	Institutions
	15	Proposed United Protestant Hospital
	16	Property Matters and Reports
	17	Treasurer and Executive


3	18	Appropriations and Estimates, Budget
	19	Churches
	20	East Asia Office
	21	Executive Correspondence
	22	Reports--General
	23	Treasurer and Executive


3	24	East Asia Office
	25	Minutes


3	26	General
	27	Institutions
	28	Reports--General


	29	Minutes, North Formosa Presbyterian Mission Council
	30	Board General Letter (#132), Appropriations/estimates
	31	Nanking Seminary--Correspondence
	32	Reports
	33	Miscellaneous items re institutions
	34	re churches in China
	35	Miscellaneous items
	36	Report, Hong Kong, Formosa, China
   	37-38	Executive correspondence