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Hall's Index of American Presbyterian Congregations

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Hall's Index of American Presbyterian Congregations

Denominations covered by Hall's Index include:
      Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
      United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
      Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (including both Old and New School factions)
      Presbyterian Church in the U.S., (the Southern church) and its antecedents:
            United Synod of the South
            Presbyterian Church in the Confederate States of America
      United Presbyterian Church of North America, and its antecedents:
            Associate Presbyterian Church
            Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
      Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church
      Cumberland Presbyterian Church (only after 1890)
      Various other bodies which held independent status for a period of time

General Notes
Most entries will not note changes in the denominational affiliation of congregations when the change occurred in conjunction with the merger of parent bodies. For example, the change from UPCUSA and PCUS to PC(USA) in 1983 is not recorded.

Hall's Index records transfers, unions, and divisions of individual congregations only when this information specifically appeared in the General Assembly minutes or could be assumed by comparing names, locations, membership, and/or pastors in consecutive reports.

For unions, Hall's Index will contain three entries: one for each uniting congregation and one for the united congregation.

For divisions, there is a new entry for the congregation that assumed a different name.

Date changes and conventions
Dates shown represent the dates presbyteries reported actions to the General Assembly and may or may not be the actual dates of organization, change, or dissolution, etc.

Reporting dates were frequently a year or two later than the actual event.

This is particularly true for Cumberland Presbyterian Church congregations organized before 1890. The entry will state reported in 1890, even though the church may have been organized several decades earlier.

Many churches were not included in the General Assembly minutes for years at a time, and it is difficult to know what happened during those intervals. If a congregation reappeared in the statistics after it had been dropped for less than five years, Hall's Index normally has only one entry and it is assumed the congregation had merely been omitted from the statistics.

Entries for some early churches have no organization date. The first comprehensive list of PCUSA congregations was compiled and published in 1825. For churches organized before 1825, the entry occasionally noted the date of organization if available from other sources.

Location changes
Churches used various ways of naming the location of their congregation: location of the church building, post office of the congregation, post office of the clerk, name of the community, or name of the neighborhood within the city.

Hall's Index makes no attempt to verify whether a change in location occurred due to:
      a change in location or post office because the congregation moved
      a change in location because the community changed names
      a change in the name of the post office due to a change in mailing address