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September 7, 2022

Becoming the Body—this is the title of the speech John Buchanan presented to the audience of the first annual conference hosted by the Covenant Network of Presbyterians.

Hosted in Denver, Colorado, the weekend of November 5, 1998, this conference was organized in response to the failure of Amendment A to be passed at that year’s General Assembly. The theme of this monumental first meeting was “Living Faithfully in the Church When We Disagree.”

This theme reflected the worries of Presbyterians in relation to the...

August 16, 2022

While exploring PHS’s RG 531, an archival collection consisting of the records of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, I came across a plethora of documents that embodied some intense emotions. In the fight for LGBTQ ordination rites, there were many strong opinions held—on both sides.

One of the first things I stumbled upon was a piece of correspondence dated January 9, 1998, addressed to the Elder...

July 15, 2022

You’ve probably heard it by now, but it begs repeating: the Covenant Network of Presbyterians is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In connection with this commemoration, the staff at the Presbyterian Historical Society have been learning more about the people, events, and history of the organization by exploring the Covenant Network records in our collections and listening to recounted memories of Pam Byers. When asked to draw up a blog post inspired by archival collection RG 531, my mind focused on one question surrounding the groups’ efforts: what did their...

June 24, 2022

On June 23, PHS welcomed Rev. Ashley DeTar Birt, Rev. Shanea D. Leonard, Rev. Bertram Johnson, Rev. Dr. Derrick McQueen, and Rev. Dr. Eric Thomas for a roundtable discussion about LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the Presbyterian church.

Panelists shared how their personal experience shaped their ministry, how the church can be more open to all LGBTQIA+ people in the denomination, and how we can document a complete history of LGBTQIA+ people in the church.

Click the video below to watch the session.


June 1, 2022
Covenant Network of Presbyterians 25th anniversary logo.

Beginning June 1, the Covenant Network of Presbyterians will roll out a churchwide celebration remembering its past, launching new efforts in the present, and taking steps to ensure the work continues as long as it is needed.


In celebration of and in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, the Presbyterian...

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