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Easter 2020 Special Collecting

April 8, 2020

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, churches across the nation are showing themselves to be beacons of hope—providing food and social services, pastoral care, and online worship.

One way the Presbyterian Historical Society is responding to this unprecedented moment is by gathering and curating 2020 Easter Sunday worship services and sermons from PC(USA) congregations and other worshipping communities. Many will be published in our online archives, so that the whole denomination can have a central clearinghouse for a body of messages of hope in the face of fear, of comfort amid suffering.

PHS archivists are looking to bring in audio or video of Easter worship services or sermons, in any format. If you don’t have audio or video, prepared texts of a sermon in PDF format are welcome.

Whenever you're prepared, please upload your worship service or sermon here. In order to help us tell who's who, rename your file so that it's descriptive of your congregation or worshipping community. Instead of "IMG0369.mov" make it something like "OakhurstPCDecaturGA.mov" or “FirstPCPhiladelphiaPA.mp4”

There’s no need to contact us after you’ve uploaded your file. Please do so by email only if you have additional questions.

Thank you for all you’re doing to stay safe, helpful, and hopeful this Easter season.