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Past PHS LIVE: Racial Prejudice and Colonial Politics in Korean Mission History

December 4, 2020

On November 19, Dr. William Yoo discussed U.S. Presbyterian Missions in Korea and how race and colonial politics shaped that history.

The presentation connected first encounters between U.S. Presbyterians and Koreans to the years surrounding the Korean War. Dr. Yoo's overview and the question-and-answer phase to follow focused on the ways Presbyterian mission co-workers of the past engaged with questions about Korean independence and identity, and how history has remembered--and sometimes misremembered--that engagement.

Read the Presbyterian News Service coverage of the session here.

Watch below to learn more about U.S. Presbyterian Missions in Korea.

William Yoo is Associate Professor of American Religious and Cultural History and Director of the Master of Divinity Program at Columbia Theological Seminary; he is also a member of the PHS Board. Yoo is the author of American Missionaries, Korean Protestants and the Changing Shape of World Christianity, 1884-1965 and editor of The Presbyterian Experience in the United States: A Sourcebook.

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