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Abington, Abington Presbyterian Church

According to the Historical Directory of Presbyterian Churches and Presbyteries of Greater Philadelphia: Related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and its Antecedents, 1690-1990, by Kenneth A. Hammonds, the Abington Presbyterian Church in Abington, Pennsylvania, was organized in 1714 by the Presbytery of Philadelphia. In 1838, it changed denominations to the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (Old School), and in 1870, to the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

A search of our catalogs shows the following records of the Abington Presbyterian Church deposited in our holdings which contain genealogical information: 

  • Register, 1713-1821; 1865-1963. 4 volumes. (Call number: Vault BX 9211 .P49001 P72)
    • v.1, Membership, 1735-1820; Baptisms, 1713-1820; Marriages, 1716-1821;  transcript of charter on p.1.
    • v.2, Membership, 1865-1928; Baptisms, 1904-1928; Marriages, 1904-1927.
    • v.3, Membership, 1882-1961; Baptisms, 1928-1955; Marriages, 1928-1955.
    • v.4, Membership, 1955-1963; Baptisms, 1955-1963; Marriages, 1956-1963.
  • Session  Minutes and records, 1819-1950. 8 volumes. (Call number: Vault BX 9211 .P49001 P71)
    • v.1, 1820-1845;  Membership, 1823;  Baptisms, 1819-1864;  Marriages, 1820-1862.
    • v.2, 1845-1865.
    • v.3, 1865-1882.
    • v.4, 1883-1901.
    • v.5, 1901-1920.
    • v.6, 1921-1932.
    • v.7, 1933-1942.
    • v.8, 1943-1950.

The society also holds two pastoral registers kept by former ministers at Abington:

  • Lutz, Roland Bruce, 1897-1950. Pastoral register, 1928-1946. 2 volumes. (Call number: Vault BX 9225 .L8 A31)
    • v.1, 1928-1938 (membership, baptisms, marriages).
    • v.2, 1938-1946 (membership, baptisms, marriages).
  • Lowrie, Samuel T. 1835-1924. Pastoral register of marriages, 1928-1946. 1 volume. (Call number: Vault BX 9225 .L69 A31)
    • Register of marriages kept by Samuel T. Lowrie while pastor of: Presbyterian Church (Alexandria, Pa.), 1859-1863;  Bethany Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia, Pa.) 1866-1869;  Presbyterian Church (Abington, Pa.), 1869-1874;  Presbyterian Church (Ewing, N.J.), 1879-1886;  Wylie Memorial Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1891-1899.

Some of the church records are available on microfilm:

  • Presbyterian Church, Abington, PA. Records, 1713-1862 microform. (Call number: MFPOS 802, 1 reel)
    • Includes: Session minutes, 1820-1845, including baptisms, 1819-1864, and marriages, 1820-1862; and Church register, 1735-1820, including baptisms, 1713-1820, and marriages, 1716-1821.

If you are interested in borrowing the microfilm, please have the interlibrary loan (ILL) librarian at your local public or academic library contact us directly to submit the request on your behalf. We accept ILL requests by letter, email and fax. We loan a maximum of three reels per request for a four-week loan period. We charge a fee of $20.00 per reel, plus $5.00 for shipping. This material will be held on reserve for you and may only be used within the borrowing library. Please provide your ILL librarian with the catalog information provided above when making your request. Please tell the ILL librarian that requests cannot come from OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.) because we are not listed as a borrowing institution.

The Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU) has also microfilmed Presbyterian Church, Abington records, which include records of marriages between 1708-1800, and they are available through the Family History Centers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  To use the microfilm, you may visit their website, www.familysearch.com, and search for a center near you.

Other holdings for the Abington Presbyterian Church deposited with the society include annual reports and weekly calendars.


Hammonds, Kenneth A. Historical Directory of Presbyterian Churches and Presbyteries of Greater Philadelphia : Related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and Its Antecedents, 1690-1990. Philadelphia, PA: Presbyterian Historical Society, 1993.