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Hall's Index of American Presbyterian Congregations


The information in Hall's Index is useful for several purposes. The index can help you determine the correct name and location of active and dissolved congregations, which will enable you to search for congregation records in the society's holdings. Congregation records at the society are cataloged by the name of the city and state associated with the congregation, and the name of the church. Hall's Index is particularly useful if you know the name of a congregation and the state where it is/was located, but not the city. Hall's Index also allows you to compile a list of all Presbyterian congregations (active, dissolved, etc.) in a particular city or state over time.

Two conventions you need to know about Hall's Index:

  1. Two-letter postal abbreviations are used in the state field
  2. Everything is spelled out in names; for example: Saint Paul, Fort Branch, Prospect Avenue, Fifth Street rather than St. Paul, Ft. Branch, Prospect Ave., Fifth St.

Note that mention of a congregation in Hall's Index does not mean the society holds records for the church. You still need to search CALVIN to check for records.

Please see a more detailed description of Hall's Index for additional information about denominations covered by the index as well as date and location conventions.

The society extends its thanks to Russell Hall for his decades of work which resulted in Hall's Index of American Presbyterian Congregations.