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Traveling Exhibits

The Presbyterian Historical Society offers free traveling exhibits for use at special events held by all levels of the church. For ordering information and to reserve an exhibit, visit the exhibit reservation page.

The following displays consist of mounted images and captions with Velcro backings for arrangement on felt boards (included in exhibit package). Each display stands on its own and is approximately 2 feet high, 2 feet deep, and up to 4 feet in width. We suggest using either half of a 6 foot table or a square table that allows room to lay out the accompanying brochures and other materials.

You may also order a printed and mounted copy of any of our Print-on-Demand exhibits, available as stand-alone, mounted panels up to 16 x 24 inches.

Women in Presbyterian Mission Work

Highlights the educational, medical, and outreach efforts of Presbyterian women involved in home and foreign mission work.

Dr. Marion Lockwood Moore (1894-1993) attends to patients in Fatehgarh, India, as a medical missionary for the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. North India Mission, circa 1960. (Image ID: 1279)

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Presbyterians and the Civil War

Highlights the work of chaplains, women, and field agents who cared for Confederate and Union soldiers during the war.

Anna Sands Roe at Hampton Hospital, Fortress Monroe, Virginia. (Image ID: 2719)

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Foreign Missions

Celebrates medical, educational, and evangelistic work by all three major Presbyterian denominations in foreign fields, including India, Egypt, Persia, Japan, Sudan, China, South America, and other countries during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Boys school in Jhansi, India, 1942. (Image ID: 1861)

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China Mission

Highlights the work of Presbyterian missionaries in China from 1837 to 1951.

Ning Po Girls School, China, 1911. (Image ID: 3222)

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Korea Mission

Illustrates the Presbyterian Church's mission work in Korea from 1883 to 1934.

The first Presbyterian Church in the U.S. missionaries to Korea, circa 1900. (Image ID: 898)

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Home Missions

Highlights the mission work of all three major Presbyterian denominations in domestic or national areas, including Alaska. Women's missionary boards, lumberjacks, Native Americans, freedmen, African-American schools, and neighborhood houses for immigrants are featured.

Klinquan, Alaska. Photo by H.W. Spear for the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Home Missions Alaska Mission, 1901. (Image ID: 1955)

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Emancipation to Enterprise

Highlights Presbyterian schools and colleges serving African Americans from 1867 to 1963.

Knoxville College chemistry student Sandra Barnett, circa 1960. (Image ID: 1264)

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