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Why I Give: Marsha Heimann

March 20, 2023

--by Marsha Heimann

I was born in the middle of the United States. The Midwest values and work ethic were instilled in me at a very early age.  For as long as I can remember I was told to do the job well, to do the best I could, and to give to the best of my ability. That has followed me in everything I do. I also love to be creative and to think outside the box, which has allowed me to enjoy the results of a job well done.

My father was the President of a small liberal arts college in Iowa, so I witnessed the importance and success of building pride for the college in the student body, the alumni, the campus, and the community. I watched my dad create that pride and ownership in all involved with the college, which in turn created great success in raising donations to support this amazing institution of advanced education. My mom and dad worked tirelessly to fundraise by frequently traveling across the country visiting alumni, talking with businesses in the community, making phone calls, writing thank you letters, and inviting visitors to tour the campus where he would share stories and information about this wonderful opportunity for students to be creative and to think outside the box.

It is because of this, I learned when I was young to support something I believe in, take pride in, and want to share the word of the good work that is being done.

While serving as the Stated Clerk for the Lehigh Presbytery, I visited our churches to share information about the good work the Presbyterian Historical Society is doing for our denomination. I encouraged the Sessions to create History Teams to process their records for preservation at the Presbyterian Historical Society, the denominational archives of the PC(USA), and to support financially for this service being provided. 

As a member of the PHS Board of Directors I have been blessed to share in this good work being done by the staff and volunteers, and I take great pride in what we do for our congregations, presbyteries, and researchers. 

By showing my support for PHS, I am able to continue to share my talents and creativity on the Board of Directors, to think outside the box, and to see the results of my financial support. 

My parents gave me a gift when they instilled in me to give to what you believe in, to share your gifts as you do a job well done, and to support financially the good work being done because that work can’t be done without your support.

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