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2017 National History Day: Taking a Stand in History

Topics and Resources for NHD 2017:

Donaldina Cameron: Presbyterian missionary in San Francisco’s Chinatown. She stood up to the tongs (gangs) in San Francisco’s Chinatown, rescuing thousands of immigrant Chinese women and girls from slavery.

Donaldina Cameron and Chinese American Children, San Francisco, 1907. [Image no. 1758]



Jan Hus: Czech priest and early religious reformer. He was excommunicated and then burned at the stake for his criticism of corruption in the Roman Catholic Church.

“Huss at the Stake.” From John Huss, by Julia McNair Wright, Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1870. [Image No. 4768]



Maggie Kuhn: American activist for social and economic justice, global peace, integration, urban renewal, and mental health awareness. In 1970, at the age of 65, she founded the Gray Panthers, an organization advocating for the rights of senior citizens.

Maggie Kuhn pins Mayor Rizzo, 1975. [Image no. 2798]



Elijah Parish Lovejoy: Abolitionist and publisher of the anti-slavery newspapers, the St. Louis Observer and the Alton Observer. He was killed and his printing press destroyed by a pro-slavery mob in 1837.

The mob attacking the warehouse of Godfrey Gilman & Co., Alton, Ill., on the night of the 7th of November, 1837, at the time Lovejoy was murdered and his press destroyed. [Image no. 4334]



William Henry Sheppard: First African-American Presbyterian missionary to the Congo. He raised awareness of atrocities committed by Belgian colonizers and fought for better working conditions for Congolese rubber workers.

Rev. William H. Sheppard with Baketti Warriors, about 1900. [Image no. 4185]



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