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Writing for The Journal

The Journal of Presbyterian History publishes articles that provide resources for the study of the Presbyterian and Reformed experience since the Reformation. Articles dealing with that tradition both in the United States and elsewhere in the world will be considered. While grounded in solid scholarship, essays should be written to appeal to a broad audience of Presbyterians and the general public as well as to professional historians. Authors should avoid the technical jargon of academic specialties in favor of crisp, lively prose. Authors should also remember that the majority of Journal readers are from the United States--a fact that authors should take into consideration as they set the context for their articles. Authors may, if appropriate, append a brief list (no more than five) of secondary sources under the heading “For Further Reading.” Articles, unless otherwise suggested by the editors, should be 5,000 to 7,000 words. By submitting a paper to the Journal of Presbyterian History, you are claiming it is an original work. The paper should not be under consideration for publication in another journal.

Manuscript Style and Format

We generally follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. References should be formatted as endnotes, not footnotes. Please submit manuscripts in Word or PDF format to jph@ptsem.edu. Number pages consecutively, and format quotations of more than 60 words as block quotes. Include a short, descriptive title and an abstract of approximately 100 words describing your article.


Upon receipt, the senior editors will determine if your submission should enter the peer review process. If the paper is peer-reviewed, the reviewer(s) will submit reports to the editors, who will decide on acceptance, revision, or rejection. The process normally takes several months.
Artwork/Copy Editing

If your paper is accepted, you may be asked to provide appropriate artwork or make suggestions for artwork that might be available in the society's collections. You will receive an edited copy of your manuscript to review before publication.

If your paper is accepted, you will be asked to sign a standard form transferring copyright to the Presbyterian Historical Society.
Complimentary Copies

You will receive one complimentary print copy of the issue in which your article appears plus a copy of the electronic version of the issue. Additional print issues are available for purchase.

We send the Journal to institutional subscribers and donors to the Presbyterian Historical Society.
Additional Questions?

Please contact our Editorial Assistant.