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Records Deposit

PC(USA) congregations and mid councils are encouraged to deposit their records at no charge in our secure, climate-controlled archives with specialized fire detection and security systems.

Ownership of records

Congregations and mid councils retain ownership of records on deposit and may request the return of records at any time with written authorization from the clerk of session or stated clerk.

Shipping records

Before packing and shipping records to us, please consult your retention schedule, or contact the society to make sure you are shipping only records of permanent value.

Create a signed cover letter and an inventory to include with the shipment. If feasible, describe the contents of a shipment item by item, for example:

  • First Presbyterian Church (Truth or Consequences, N.M.):
  • Session minutes, 1906-1936.
  • Session minutes, 1936-1948.
  • Register, 1906-1948.
  • Trustees minutes, 1900-1910.

We recommend shipping records in as near their original state as possible. Do not cut the text block out of bound volumes. Do not remove bindings. Pack the materials in a sturdy, corrugated cardboard box, densely enough that volumes are unlikely to shift, insulated from the edges of the box with bubble wrap or wadded packing paper.

Our preferred carrier is United Parcel Service (UPS). Ship records via ground delivery to:

Records Archivist
Presbyterian Historical Society
425 Lombard St.
Philadelphia PA, 19147