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New in Pearl: Milton Galamison Sermons

November 2, 2022

The Presbyterian Historical Society is pleased to announce the online publishing of the sermons of the Rev. Milton Arthur Galamison. The sermons, spanning 1963 to 1965, are available in Pearl Digital Collections.

Beginning in 1964, Galamison led a boycott of New York City Public Schools over the institution’s neglect of schools in Black and Puerto Rican neighborhoods. His work as a civil rights leader in New York connected him to international Black Power figures including Malcom X, who Galamison was scheduled to speak alongside of on the day of X’s assassination in 1965.

New York City school boycott poster published by the City Wide Committee for Integrated Schools, 1964. Photo courtesy of wikicommons

The sermons were digitized with funds provided by the Presbyterian Historical Society’s African American Leaders and Congregations Collecting Initiative. The documents, which are part of the Schomburg Center of New York Public Library, represent an intense and fruitful period in his ministry at Siloam church in Brooklyn and throughout the city.

Click the image above to view the digitized sermons of Rev. Milton Aruther Galamison in Pearl Digital Collections. 

PHS is grateful to the collection’s donor, Sondra Hodges, for permitting imaging and publication of sermons from Galamison’s papers. We’re also thankful for the collaboration with New York Public Library, and the labor of their digitization team.

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Click here to view the sermons of Rev. Milton Arthur Galamison.

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