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February 28, 2024

Let's dig in to the work of your archivists in the fall and winter of 2023!

We had a quiet quarter of new accessions to end the year: 60.54 feet in 83 groups, among them 29 feet of records from 32 active and dissolved congregations. We brought in seven feet and 250MB of personal papers in the quarter, including the work of Liz Knott, a Presbyterian advocate for Palestine, an oral history with Rev. Cedric Portis of Third Presbyterian Church (St. Louis, Mo.), and records from Rev. Jude Michaels, a Presbyterian minister active in the...

February 21, 2024

We bring you peace and blessings this Black History Month! Your archivists are excited to share the progress we've made in documenting the Black Presbyterian experience, and we thank you for supporting the African American Leaders and Congregations Collecting Initiative.

With your support, we made site visits to appraise and pack up records for storage and for digitization. Thanks to the following congregations...

January 4, 2024
Shelton Bishop Waters at his desk, 1950s. From accession 23-0508.

Each month, the Presbyterian Historical Society is bearing witness to the lives of African American leaders throughout the history of the...

November 13, 2023

Billed as the first known gathering of its kind, the Just Political Economy Teleconference, held on December 3, 1983, convened a panel of experts and an audience of 2,000 Presbyterians from 36 presbytery or synod-run sites, to reckon with the idea of a Biblically just political economy.

The 1983 General Assembly had empaneled a Committee on Just Political Economy (JPE) to discern how the church would respond to the compounding crises -- unemployment, deindustrialization, homelessness -- brought on by the Reagan administration and America's nascent...

November 6, 2023

Let's look back at our work from over the summer!

We're pleased to have imaged select records of five churches via our African American Leaders and Congregations inititative: the Presbyterian Church of St. Albans (St. Albans, N.Y.), First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica (Queens, N.Y.), Hollis Presbyterian Church (Queens, N.Y.), Davie Street Presbyterian Church (Raleigh, N.C.), and Edisto Presbyterian Church (Edisto Island, S.C...

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