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April 18, 2016

Three hundred years before the Protestant Reformation, and one hundred and fifty years before Jan Hus, there were the Waldensians, a group of European Believers whose radical theological tenets would later be adopted in many parts of Christendom.

This year, the American Waldensian Society (AWS) celebrates its 110th anniversary. Founded in 1906 in New York City as the American Waldensian Aid Society, the society...

January 14, 2016

The Presbyterian Historical Society is a major repository of stories related to the settling of the United States. Since the 1850s it has shared the stories of immigrant peoples who have entered this country, as well as the ongoing saga of Presbyterian engagement with the human rights struggles for an open and democratic U.S. society. In this election year, when immigration has become a central issue in our national discourse, it seems fitting that we should revisit our historical tradition of providing safe boundaries for refugees fleeing war and political oppression.

As many U.S....

July 25, 2014
While young Presbyterians of the 1950s and 1960s went to summer camp, Mexican-American children went to migrant laborers' camps in their midst.
In spring whole families moved, in trucks with wooden sideboards, tarps covering them and possessions, up from the Rio Grande Valley, to Arkansas to pick cotton, to New Mexico to pick onions, to Indiana to pick cucumbers. Alongside them went Genie and Hector Zavaleta, Presbyterians assigned to the National Council of Churches Migrant...
April 24, 2014
"Cicilia King: A scholar about to contribute the first nickel to the mortgage fund." Italian Presbyterian Church Sabbath-School (First Italian PC, Philadelphia, PA), 1905

The Reverend Jeffrey Colarossi called us with a simple question: how did his family become Presbyterian?

Jeffrey is a minister at the United Presbyterian Church in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. His great-grandfather Pansilo Puglieli immigrated from Italy to the United States circa 1900 and settled in...

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