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October 16, 2013

Did you know that the last Sunday of the month is set aside to commemorate the events and figures of the Protestant Reformation? Presbyterians celebrate Reformation Sunday along with millions of Reformed church members around the globe.

Many churches this Reformation Sunday are focusing on the...

July 24, 2013
Main Street Presbyterian Church (Honey Grove, Tex.), via WFAA-TV.

Every so often, a congregation calls me with some alarm to say a nearby church building has burned down and lost all its records. Catastrophic fire is the classic long-tail risk: something that happens rarely, but which has incalculable consequences. Fortunately, you can

May 10, 2013
Parish group in meeting, Iron Mountain, Mo., from KIT 299-15, Mr. Cook's tour, PCUSA Board of National Missions, 1956.

On May 7 I was pleased to deliver PHS's records management guidance to a group of new stated clerks gathered in Louisville. After the retirement of our irreplaceable Records Manager Margaret, who would usually undertake this portion of...

March 8, 2013

PHS is pleased to award research fellowships to two Ph.D. candidates: Kristin A. Shedd, of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Noel C. Stringham, of the University of Virginia. These $2500 grants will support their research at PHS in the development of their dissertations, “The Decline of Moral and Political Authority: Mainstream Protestants in McCarthyite America” (Ms. Shedd) and “Nuer Strategies of Inclusion: Gender and Religion in South Sudan (1805-2006)” (Mr. Stringham).

Our staff looks forward to hosting these budding scholars and...

December 14, 2012

Eight congregations have received 2012 Heritage Microfilming Grants:

  • First Presbyterian Church of Newton (Elmhurst, N.Y.), founded in 1652
  • Ebenezer Presbyterian Church (Lewisville, Pa.), founded in 1789
  • First Presbyterian Church (West Union, Ohio), founded in 1800
  • First Presbyterian Church (Liberty, N.Y.), founded in 1810
  • Second Presbyterian Church
  • ...
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