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February 24, 2022

-- By James S. Currie, Executive Secretary, Presbyterian Historical Society of the Southwest

The Presbyterian Historical Society of the Southwest exists to “stimulate and encourage interest in the collection, preservation, and presentation of the Presbyterian and Reformed heritage in the four state area” of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. The Presbyterian Historical Society (Philadelphia) is thrilled to partner with PHS of the Southwest to share stories of Presbyterian figures occluded from memory. This column will try to highlight the life of one Cumberland...

February 15, 2022

In the wake of Brown v. Board ending legal segregation, and contending with the decades-long flight of white families from city centers, Presbyterians undertook efforts to merge city congregations, both as a practical and a moral matter. Second Presbyterian Church in Maryville Tennessee was merged into New Providence. Berea in St. Louis ministered to new white congregants as its Black...

January 31, 2022
"Etta June Johnson comes from Edisto Island, S.C., to the Robert Davis home in Pulaski, N.Y. - 1966. Dr. Patton goes over tests with Etta June alone." RG 303, Box 6, Folder 76

In the 1960s, the UPCUSA Board of National Missions (BNM) established a program that extracted Black students "of promise" from the South and set them up with host...

December 7, 2021 to December 8, 2021

Newspapers advertised the sermon to be delivered June 21, 1903, a Sunday evening. Crowds gathered outside Olivet Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware, to hear Robert A. Elwood warm to his theme, "Should the murderer of Helen Bishop be lynched?"

On June 16, seventeen year old Bishop had been assaulted on a rural roadside near Price's Corner; she died of a neck wound the next day. Late on the 17th a local Black farm worker, George White, was arrested for the murder. Police allegedly found a bloody knife in his possession. There were no eyewitnesses to the attack....

November 11, 2021

In November of 1956 the young pastor Joseph Metz Rollins delivered a sermon called "Faithful to Christ's Command." The Southern church (the PCUS denomination) that paid most of his salary had moved to rescind support, calling his congregation "nothing but a headquarters for integration." Metz, already working nights as a hospital orderly, was threatened with poverty. He asked his church to take up the cross with him.


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