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Historic Sites Registry

To honor and celebrate places of special significance in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition in America, the Presbyterian Historical Society established the American Presbyterian and Reformed Historic Sites Registry.

Site No. 413. Philadelphia Presbyterian Church, Red Banks, MS. (Image ID: 4633)

The Registry recognizes those sites that are unique and related to important events, institutions, and personalities in American Presbyterian and Reformed history.

All sites considered for the Registry were historically authenticated to the satisfaction of the respective Presbytery/Classis and of the Historical Sites Committee of the Society. Please note that the Registry is now closed, and no nominations for additions are accepted.

Further information on historic sites can be found in the society's publications, On Holy Ground and On Holy Ground II.

Those headed to St. Louis to attend Big Tent (July 6–8, 2017) or the 223rd General Assembly (June 16–23, 2018) should check out our interactive map of Registry sites in and around St. Louis.


Synod of Alaska-Northwest



  • Site No. 260 Presbyterian Mission to the Chilkats, Haines, AK
  • Site No. 264 Sheldon Jackson College, Sitka, AK (Founded in 1878 by Presbyterian missionary Sheldon Jackson as an industrial school for Tlingit Indian children)

Central Washington

  • Site No. 230 Whitman Mission National Historic Site, Walla Walla, WA (Mission to the Cayuse Indians established in 1836 by Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, and site of the First Presbyterian church in Oregon Territory, founded in 1838)

Inland Northwest

  • Site No. 240 Sue McBeth Cabin, Kamiah, ID (Site of a school and theological seminary to the Nez Perce Indians operated by McBeth, a Presbyterian missionary, from 1880-1885)
  • Site No. 241 Lapwai Mission, Spalding, ID (Presbyterian mission to the Nez Perce Indians established in 1838 by the Reverend Henry Spalding and his wife Eliza)
  • Site No. 242 First Presbyterian Church, Kamiah, ID


  • Site No. 252 George F. Whitworth Grave, Seattle, WA (First Presbyterian minister in western Washington, 1854)


  • Site No. 50 United Protestant Church, Palmer, AK
Synod of the Covenant



  • Site No. 11 Sycamore United Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, OH
  • Site No. 110 Cleves Presbyterian Church, Cleves, OH
  • Site No. 115 First Presbyterian Church, West Union, OH
  • Site No. 165 Venice Presbyterian Church, Ross, OH
  • Site No. 289 Red Oak Presbyterian Church, Ripley, OH
  • Site No. 348 James Kemper House, Cincinnati, OH (Home of the Reverend James Kemper, first Presbyterian minister ordained in the Northwest Territory, 1792)
  • Site No. 382 Bethel Murdoch Presbyterian Church, Loveland, OH

Lake Huron

  • Site No. 144 First Presbyterian Church, Saginaw, MI
  • Site No. 219 First Presbyterian Church of Maple Ridge, Maple Ridge, MI
  • Site No. 350 First Presbyterian Church, Beaverton, MI

Lake Michigan

  • Site No. 82 First Presbyterian Church, Allegan, MI
  • Site No. 281 First Presbyterian Church, Coldwater, MI
  • Site No. 354 Presbyterian Church of Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, MI
  • Site No. 368 First Presbyterian Church, Richland, MI

Maumee Valley

  • Site No. 2 First Presbyterian Church, Blissfield, MI


  • Site No. 62 First Presbyterian Church, Troy, OH
  • Site No. 183 Honey Creek Presbyterian Church, New Carlisle, OH
  • Site No. 185 Seminary Building of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Oxford, OH
  • Site No. 215 Lebanon Presbyterian Church, Lebanon, OH

Muskingum Valley

  • Site No. 113 Coshocton Presbyterian Church, Coshocton, OH

Scioto Valley

  • Site No. 160 First Presbyterian Church, Washington Court House, OH
  • Site No. 193 Alexander Presbyterian Church, Athens, OH
  • Site No. 342 Liberty Presbyterian Church, Delaware, OH
  • Site No. 385 Second Presbyterian Church, Newark, OH

Western Reserve

  • Site No. 262 Rome United Presbyterian Church, Rome, OH
Synod of Lakes and Prairies


Central Nebraska

  • Site No. 276 Henry M. Giltner Grave, Aurora, NE (First Presbyterian minister to serve Nebraska pioneers, 1855)

Des Moines

  • Site No. 103 Scotch Ridge Presbyterian Church, Carlisle, IA
  • Site No. 175 First Reformed Church, Pella, IA

East Iowa

  • Site No. 63 Union Presbyterian Church, Lost Nation, IA
  • Site No. 79 West Point Presbyterian Church, West Point, IA
  • Site No. 83 First Presbyterian Church, Muscatine, IA
  • Site No. 358 Union Presbyterian Church, Fort Madison, IA
  • Site No. 392 Scotch Grove Presbyterian Church, Scotch Grove, IA
  • Site No. 393 Center Junction Presbyterian Church, Center Junction, IA
  • Site No. 399 First Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Site No. 427 Red Oak Grove Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Tipton, IA

John Knox

  • Site No. 162 First Presbyterian Church, Dubuque, IA


  • Site No. 66 Yorkville Presbyterian Church, Union Grove, WI
  • Site No. 78 Lisbon United Presbyterian Church, Sussex, WI
  • Site No. 142 First Presbyterian Church of Vernon, Big Bend, WI
  • Site No. 187 First Presbyterian Church, Waukesha, WI

Minnesota Valleys

  • Site No. 69 Jerusalem Presbyterian Church, Lake Crystal, MN
  • Site No. 255 Lac Qui Parle Mission, Montevideo, MN (First mission to the Sioux Indians, established by the Presbyterian Church in 1835)

North Central Iowa

  • Site No. 412 First Presbyterian Church, Jesup, IA

Northern Plains

  • Site No. 190 First Presbyterian Church, Jamestown, ND

Northern Waters

  • Site No. 125 First Presbyterian Church, Blackduck, MN

Prospect Hill

  • Site No. 402 Prospect Hill Monument, Woodbury County, IA (Site of a prayer meeting held in 1869 by pioneer Presbyterian missionaries Sheldon Jackson, T. C. Cleland, and J. C. Elliot)

South Dakota

  • Site No. 277 Huron College, Huron, SD (Presbyterian college founded in 1898)
  • Site No. 308 First Presbyterian Church, Veblen, SD


  • Site No. 102 Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Montello, WI
Synod of Lincoln Trails



  • Site No. 157 First Presbyterian Church, St. Anne, IL
  • Site No. 283 Knox Gaelic Presbyterian Church, Toulon, IL


  • Site No. 8 Second Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL
  • Site No. 106 First Presbyterian Church, Arlington Heights, IL
  • Site No. 128 First Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL

Great Rivers

  • Site No. 38 Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL (Only college in America founded by Associate Reformed Presbyterians, 1853)
  • Site No. 150 First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL
  • Site No. 178 Blackburn College, Carlinville, IL (Presbyterian college founded in 1837)
  • Site No. 367 Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery, Monmouth, IL (Site of Henderson Associate Reformed Church, 1833-1874, the first church in Warren County)
  • Site No. 380 First Presbyterian Church, Peoria, IL

Ohio Valley

  • Site No. 80 Indiana Presbyterian Church, Vincennes, IN
  • Site No. 174 Pisgah Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Nabb, IN
  • Site No. 359 Lexington Presbyterian Church, Lexington, IN

Southeastern Illinois

  • Site No. 51 First Presbyterian Church, Golconda, IL
  • Site No. 370 Kaskaskia Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evansville, IL

Wabash Valley

  • Site No. 73 Thomas Anderson Grave, Huntington, IN (Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Huntington, organized in 1843)

Whitewater Valley

  • Site No. 434 President Benjamin Harrison Home, Indianapolis, IN (Most active churchman of our Presbyterian presidents)
Synod of Living Waters


East Tennessee

  • Site No. 61 Bethel Presbyterian Church, Kingston, TN


  • Site No. 99 New Bethel Presbyterian Church, Piney Flats, TN


  • Site No. 4 Jeremiah Abell’s Log House, Greensburg, KY (One of the oldest log houses in Kentucky, erected in 1796 by the Reverend Jeremiah Abell, pastor of Greensburg Presbyterian Church)


  • Site No. 42 First Presbyterian Church, Somerville, TN
  • Site No. 235 Bethel Springs Presbyterian Church, Bethel Springs, TN
  • Site No. 386 Germantown Presbyterian Church, Germantown, TN

Mid Kentucky

  • Site No. 423 Freedom Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Harned, KY
  • Site No. 430 Needham Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Eastview, KY
  • Site No. 439 Short Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Falls of Rough, KY

Middle Tennessee

  • Site No. 95 Downtown Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN
  • Site No. 123 Calvary Presbyterian Church of Big Lick, Crossville, TN
  • Site No. 127 Old Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Hendersonville, TN
  • Site No. 151 Bethbirei Presbyterian Church, Lewisburg, TN
  • Site No. 176 First Presbyterian Church, Gallatin, TN
  • Site No. 177 Suggis Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Mount Juliet, TN
  • Site No. 191 First Presbyterian Church, Clifton, TN
  • Site No. 319 Cane Ridge Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Antioch, TN


  • Site No. 182 Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church, Natchez, MS

North Alabama

  • Site No. 168 First Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, AL
  • Site No. 329 Westminster Presbyterian Church, Decatur, AL

Sheppards and Lapsley

  • Site No. 435 Carmel Presbyterian Church (original site), Cherokee County, AL

South Alabama

  • Site No. 135 Scotland Presbyterian Church, Tunnel Springs, AL
  • Site No. 153 First Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville, AL

St. Andrew

  • Site No. 292 First Presbyterian Church, Holly Springs, MS
  • Site No. 312 First Presbyterian Church, Hernando, MS
  • Site No. 327 First Presbyterian Church, Holly Springs, MS
  • Site No. 335 Mississippi Synodical College, Holly Springs, MS
  • Site No. 338 Mayhew Mission Cemetery, Starkville, MS (Site of a Presbyterian mission to the Choctaw Indians, established in 1818)
  • Site No. 341 First Presbyterian Church, Oxford, MS
  • Site No. 371 Sand Springs Presbyterian Church, Oxford, MS
  • Site No. 419 Old Hudsonville Presbyterian Church, Holly Springs, MS
  • Site No. 426 First Presbyterian Church, Starkville, MS


  • Site No. 130 Danville Presbyterian Church, Danville, KY
  • Site No. 133 Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Paris, KY

Western Kentucky

  • Site No. 139 Sacramento Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, KY
  • Site No. 280 Little Muddy Cumberland Presbyterian Church, School, and Cemetery, Morgantown, KY
  • Site No. 349 First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, KY
  • Site No. 369 Mount Zion Presbyterian Church, Central City, KY
  • Site No. 394 Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green, Bowling Green, KY
  • Site No. 395 Tomb of the Reverend Joseph Lapsley, Bowling Green, KY (First minister of Bowling Green’s First Presbyterian church, established in 1819)
  • Site No. 420 Red River Meeting House, Adairville, KY
  • Site No. 422 Mount Olivet Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Warren County, KY
  • Site No. 440 Piney Fork Cumberland Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Marion, KY
Synod of Mid-America



  • Site No. 34 Bonhomme Presbyterian Church, Chesterfield, MO
  • Site No. 70 Rock Hill Presbyterian Church, Rock Hill, MO
  • Site No. 164 Second Presbyterian Church, Saint Louis, MO
  • Site No. 189 Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Caledonia, MO
  • Site No. 353 Bethel Presbyterian Church, Bay, MO
  • Site No. 397 First Presbyterian Church, Ironton, MO
  • Site No. 398 Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument & Gravesite, Alton, IL (Presbyterian minister and newspaper editor killed in 1837 by mob opposed to his anti-slavery views)
  • Site No. 432 Stephen Hempstead Grave Site, Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, MO (Hempstead was important in the development of early St. Louis and the establishment of the Presbyterian community)


  • Site No. 18 Park College, Parkville, MO (Presbyterian college founded in 1875)
  • Site No. 19 First Presbyterian Church, Independence, MO
  • Site No. 33 Harmony Osage Mission, Rich Hill, MO (Mission to the Osage Indians established by the United Foreign Missionary Society in 1821; site of Missouri’s first Indian school and a Presbyterian church)
  • Site No. 253 Timothy Hill Grave, Kansas City, MO (Presbyterian minister & missionary to Missouri, 1845)

John Calvin

  • Site No. 145 Waldensian Presbyterian Church, Monett, MO
  • Site No. 258 First Presbyterian Church, Parsons, KS
  • Site No. 336 Ozark Prairie Presbyterian Church, Mt. Vernon, MO

Missouri Union

  • Site No. 12 Salt Fork Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Nelson, MO
  • Site No. 25 New Lebanon Presbyterian Church, New Lebanon, MO
  • Site No. 131 First Presbyterian Church, Marshall, MO
  • Site No. 149 Troy Presbyterian Church, Troy, MO
  • Site No. 201 The Presbyterian Church of Green Ridge, Green Ridge, MO
  • Site No. 203 Macon Presbyterian Church, Macon, MO
  • Site No. 209 Old Auxvasse-Nine Mile Presbyterian Church, Williamsburg, MO
  • Site No. 218 Auburn Presbyterian Church, Silex, MO

Northern Kansas

  • Site No. 17 Iowa, Sac and Fox Presbyterian Mission, Highland, KS (Mission to the Iowa, Sac and Fox Indians established under the auspices of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions in 1837)
  • Site No. 374 Irvin Hall, Highland Community College, Highland, KS (Oldest building on the campus of Highland University, a Presbyterian college founded in 1858)

Southern Kansas

  • Site No. 250 Cooper Hall, Sterling College, Sterling, KS (Original building of the college founded by the United Presbyterian Church of North America in 1887)
  • Site No. 287 First Presbyterian Church, Freeport, KS
Synod of Mid-Atlantic



  • Site No. 246 Rock Spring Presbyterian Church and cemetery, Meadowview, VA


  • Site No. 222 Mt. Paran Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Randallstown, MD


  • Site No. 91 Providence Presbyterian Church, Matthews, NC
  • Site No. 152 Morven Presbyterian Church, Morven, NC

Coastal Carolina

  • Site No. 269 First Presbyterian Church, Maxton, NC
  • Site No. 282 South River Presbyterian Church, Garland, NC
  • Site No. 310 Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church, Laurinburg, NC
  • Site No. 365 Philadelphus Presbyterian Church, Red Springs, NC
  • Site No. 407 St. Pauls Presbyterian Church, St. Pauls, NC
  • Site No. 429 MacPherson Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville, NC

The James

  • Site No. 96 Presbyterian Church, Fredericksburg, VA
  • Site No. 129 Hartwood Presbyterian Church, Hartwood, VA
  • Site No. 196 Nottoway Presbyterian Church, Nottoway Court House, VA
  • Site No. 220 Big Oak Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Amelia Court House, VA
  • Site No. 221 Aberdour Presbyterian Church, Jarratt, VA
  • Site No. 247 Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, Richmond, VA
  • Site No. 265 Mitchells Presbyterian Church, Mitchells, VA

National Capital

  • Site No. 22 Old Presbyterian Meeting House, Alexandria, VA
  • Site No. 53 Leesburg Presbyterian Church, Leesburg, VA
  • Site No. 205 Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, McLean, VA
  • Site No. 326 New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC

New Castle

  • Site No. 56 Cool Spring Presbyterian Church, Harbeson, DE
  • Site No. 89 Christiana Presbyterian Church, Christiana, DE
  • Site No. 141 Old Blackwater Presbyterian Church, Frankford, DE
  • Site No. 224 Rehoboth Presbyterian Church, Rehoboth, MD
  • Site No. 248 Barren Creek Springs Presbyterian Church, Mardela Springs, MD
  • Site No. 254 Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, DE
  • Site No. 256 New Castle Presbyterian Church, New Castle, DE

New Hope

  • Site No. 159 Plymouth Presbyterian Church, Plymouth, NC
  • Site No. 206 Albion Academy, Franklinton, NC (Co-educational school for African-Americans founded in 1866 by the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Missions for Freedmen)
  • Site No. 228 First Presbyterian Church, New Bern, NC
  • Site No. 366 First Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC
  • Site No. 372 Main Building, Peace College, Raleigh, NC (First building constructed on the campus of Peace College, founded as a women’s college by the Presbyterian Church in 1857)

The Peaks

  • Site No. 138 Bouldin Memorial Presbyterian Church, Stuart, VA
  • Site No. 194 Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Pamplin, VA
  • Site No. 200 Falling Spring Presbyterian Church, Glasgow, VA
  • Site No. 210 Hat Creek Presbyterian Church, Brookneal, VA


  • Site No. 40 David Caldwell Log College, Greensboro, NC (Classical academy established in 1767 by Caldwell, a Presbyterian minister and one of the writers of the Constitution of the State of North Carolina)
  • Site No. 44 Speedwell Presbyterian Church, Reidsville, NC
  • Site No. 120 Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, NC
  • Site No. 140 Madison Presbyterian Church, Madison, NC
  • Site No. 158 Hawfields Presbyterian Church, Mebane, NC
  • Site No. 167 Prospect Presbyterian Church, Mooresville, NC
  • Site No. 355 Love Valley Presbyterian Church, Love Valley, NC
  • Site No. 428 Bethel Presbyterian Church, McLeansville, NC


  • Site No. 84 Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church, Fort Defiance, VA
  • Site No. 101 Timber Ridge Old Stone Presbyterian Church, Lexington, VA
  • Site No. 108 New Monmouth Presbyterian Church, Lexington, VA
  • Site No. 109 Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church, Fishersville, VA
  • Site No. 111 New Providence Presbyterian Church, Raphine, VA
  • Site No. 112 Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church, Mount Solon, VA
  • Site No. 132 Old Stone Presbyterian Church, Winchester, VA
  • Site No. 137 Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church, Harrisonburg, VA
  • Site No. 148 Windy Cove Presbyterian Church, Millboro Springs, VA
  • Site No. 154 Charles Town Presbyterian Church, Charles Town, WV
  • Site No. 156 Falling Waters Presbyterian Church, Hedgesville, WV
  • Site No. 161 Oxford Presbyterian Church, Lexington, VA
  • Site No. 169 Opequon Presbyterian Church, Winchester, VA
  • Site No. 180 Gerrardstown Presbyterian Church, Gerrardstown, WV
  • Site No. 207 Warm Springs Presbyterian Church, Warm Springs, VA
  • Site No. 216 Strasburg Presbyterian Church, Strasburg, VA
  • Site No. 233 McDowell Presbyterian Church, McDowell, VA
  • Site No. 273 Old Providence Meeting House, Spottswood, VA

Western North Carolina

  • Site No. 204 First Presbyterian Church, Asheville, NC
  • Site No. 346 First Presbyterian Church, Franklin, NC
Synod of the Northeast



  • Site No. 15 Esperance Presbyterian Church, Esperance, NY
  • Site No. 237 Ballston Spa Presbyterian Church, Ballston Spa, NY
  • Site No. 389 Batchellerville Presbyterian Church, Northville, NY


  • Site No. 9 First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, NJ
  • Site No. 21 First Presbyterian Church, Rahway, NJ
  • Site No. 36 Westfield Presbyterian Church, Westfield, NJ
  • Site No. 43 Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church, Basking Ridge, NJ
  • Site No. 48 First Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth, NJ
  • Site No. 357 First Presbyterian Church & Cemetery, Woodbridge, NJ


  • Site No. 294 Narcissa Prentiss House, Prattsburg, NY (Birthplace of Narcissa Prentiss Whitman, wife of Marcus Whitman and missionary to the Cayuse Indians in Oregon Territory, 1836-1847)
  • Site No. 360 East Palmyra Presbyterian Church, East Palmyra, NY
  • Site No. 442 Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY

Hudson River

  • Site No. 7 First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown, Yorktown Heights, NY
  • Site No. 52 Bedford Presbyterian Church, Bedford, NY
  • Site No. 118 Neelytown Cemetery, Hamptonburgh, NY (Site of the oldest Seceder congregation in New York)
  • Site No. 143 Peekskill Presbyterian Church, Peekskill, NY
  • Site No. 172 The Reformed Church, Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Site No. 231 Seamanville Cemetery, Monroe, NY (Site of the first Presbyterian meeting house in Monroe, 1783)
  • Site No. 257 First Presbyterian Church, Monticello, NY
  • Site No. 337 Gilmor Sloane House, Stony Point, NY (Retreat and meeting center for Presbyterian and ecumenical groups, constructed in 1856)
  • Site No. 400 Central Presbyterian Church, Haverstraw, NY
  • Site No. 404 Calvary Presbyterian Church, Newburgh, NY

Long Island

  • Site No. 100 First Presbyterian Church, Southold, NY
  • Site No. 208 First Presbyterian Church, Southampton, NY
  • Site No. 223 Cutchogue Presbyterian Church, Cutchogue, NY
  • Site No. 293 First Presbyterian Church, Sag Harbor, NY


  • Site No. 238 First Presbyterian Church, Cranbury, NJ
  • Site No. 245 Bethel Indian Mission, Jamesburg, NJ (Established by Presbyterian minister David Brainerd in 1746)

New Brunswick

  • Site No. 20 First Presbyterian Church, Pennington, NJ
  • Site No. 26 Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, NJ
  • Site No. 225 Shrewsbury Presbyterian Church, Shrewsbury, NJ
  • Site No. 234 First Presbyterian Church of Ewing, Ewing, NJ
  • Site No. 305 Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ
  • Site No. 328 First Presbyterian Church, Lawrenceville, NJ

New York City

  • Site No. 388 First Presbyterian Church, New York City, NY
  • Site No. 405 First Presbyterian Church of Newton, Elmhurst, NY


  • Site No. 29 Old First Presbyterian Church, Newark, NJ
  • Site No. 65 First Presbyterian Church Burying Ground, Orange, NJ


  • Site No. 361 First Presbyterian Church of Upper Hardwick, Johnsonburg, NJ
  • Site No. 406 Hillside Cemetery, Madison, NJ (Site of the first Presbyterian church in Madison, established in 1748)

Northern New England

  • Site No. 16 First Presbyterian Church, Newburyport, MA
  • Site No. 119 Eliot Presbyterian Church, Lowell, MA
  • Site No. 288 Old Walpole Meeting House, Walpole, ME
  • Site No. 307 Ryegate Town House, Ryegate Corner, VT (Constructed in 1797; site of the first Presbyterian meeting house in the settlement of Ryegate)
  • Site No. 317 Bedford Center Presbyterian Church, Bedford, NH
  • Site No. 318 Barnet Center Presbyterian Church, Barnet, VT

Southern New England

  • Site No. 275 First Presbyterian Church, Stamford, CT
  • Site No. 295 First Presbyterian Church, Newport, RI

West Jersey

  • Site No. 244 Cold Spring Presbyterian Church, Cape May, NJ
  • Site No. 332 First Presbyterian Church, Blackwood, NJ

Western New York

  • Site No. 286 Presbyterian House, Chautauqua, NY (Place of accommodation, gathering and worship for Presbyterians at Chautauqua Institution since 1889)
  • Site No. 424 First Presbyterian Church, Westfield, NY
Synod of the Pacific



  • Site No. 181 Sterry Hall, College of Idaho, Caldwell, ID (Idaho’s first institution of higher education, founded by the Presbyterian Church in 1890)
  • Site No. 3 Clatsop Plains Pioneer Presbyterian Church, Warrenton, OR
  • Site No. 278 First Presbyterian Church, Portland, OR


  • Site No. 239 First Presbyterian Church, Malad City, ID
  • Site No. 243 Soda Springs Presbyterian Church, Soda Springs, ID


  • Site No. 285 First Presbyterian Church, Carson City, NV
  • Site No. 301 First Presbyterian Church, Virginia City, NV

The Redwoods

  • Site No. 381 Montgomery Memorial Chapel, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA


  • Site No. 373 Westminster Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, CA
  • Site No. 415 Carmichael Presbyterian Church, Carmichael, CA

San Francisco

  • Site No. 232 Donaldina Cameron House, San Francisco, CA (Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. mission house established in 1873 to minister to Chinese immigrants and named for a former director)
  • Site No. 391 Founders Memorial Chapel, First Presbyterian Church, Livermore, CA
  • Site No. 410 St. John’s Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, CA


  • Site No. 10 First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, CA
Synod of Rocky Mountains



  • Site No. 418 San Rafael Presbyterian Church, Mogote, CO


  • Site No. 92 "1886 Church," Brighton, CO
  • Site No. 259 Sheldon Jackson Memorial Chapel, Fairplay, CO (Congregation founded in 1872 by Presbyterian missionary Sheldon Jackson)
  • Site No. 437 First Presbyterian Church, Georgetown, CO (Congregation founded in 1869 by Presbyterian missionary Sheldon Jackson)

Plains and Peaks

  • Site No. 343 First Presbyterian Church, Gordon, NE


  • Site No. 323 First Presbyterian Church, Salt Lake City, UT

Western Colorado

  • Site No. 298 Community Presbyterian Church, Lake City, CO
  • Site No. 304 Community Presbyterian Church Manse, Lake City, CO


  • Site No. 300 France Memorial Presbyterian Church, Rawlins, WY


  • Site No. 74 First Presbyterian Chapel, White Sulphur Springs, MT
Synod of South Atlantic



  • Site No. 1 Second Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SC
  • Site No. 114 Johns Island Presbyterian Church, Johns Island, SC
  • Site No. 195 Circular Congregational Church, Charleston, SC


  • Site No. 146 Sumach Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Chatsworth, GA


  • Site No. 284 First Presbyterian Church, Monticello, FL


  • Site No. 86 First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC
  • Site No. 136 Nazareth Presbyterian Church, Moore, SC
  • Site No. 401 Old Pickens Presbyterian Church, Oconee County, SC

Greater Atlanta

  • Site No. 227 North Avenue Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA

New Harmony

  • Site No. 198 Kingston Presbyterian Church, Conway, SC
  • Site No. 268 Marion Presbyterian Church, Marion, SC
  • Site No. 297 Pee Dee Presbyterian Church, Dillon, SC
  • Site No. 383 Ebenezer Presbyterian Church & Parochial School, Dalzell, SC

Northeast Georgia

  • Site No. 409 Hebron Presbyterian Church, Banks County, GA


  • Site No. 41 Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, SC
  • Site No. 274 First Presbyterian Church, York, SC
  • Site No. 290 Purity Presbyterian Church, Chester, SC
  • Site No. 291 Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church & Cemetery, Chester, SC


  • Site No. 77 Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, GA
  • Site No. 98 White Bluff Presbyterian Church, Savannah, GA
  • Site No. 378 Flemington Presbyterian Church, Flemington, GA

St. Augustine

  • Site No. 279 First Presbyterian Church, Fernandina Beach, FL
  • Site No. 309 First Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville, FL

Tampa Bay

  • Site No. 345 Andrews Memorial Chapel, First Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, FL
  • Site No. 379 Parsons Memorial Presbyterian Church, Yankeetown, FL
  • Site No. 431 First Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, FL


  • Site No. 107 Upper Long Cane Presbyterian Church, Abbeville, SC
  • Site No. 202 Mount Olivet Presbyterian Church, Winnsboro, SC
  • Site No. 272 Ebenezer Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Winnsboro, SC
  • Site No. 377 Greenville Presbyterian Church, Donalds, SC
  • Site No. 387 Little River Presbyterian Church, Kinards, SC
Synod of Southern California and Hawaii


The Pacific

  • Site No. 126 Community Presbyterian Church, South Gate, CA
  • Site No. 316 First Presbyterian Church, Honolulu, HI


  • Site No. 362 Presbyterian Church of Coachella Valley, Coachella, CA

San Diego

  • Site No. 147 Lakeside Community Presbyterian Church, Lakeside, CA
  • Site No. 311 Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church, Coronado, CA

San Fernando

  • Site No. 321 First Presbyterian Church, Newhall, CA

San Gabriel

  • Site No. 188 Monte Vista Grove Homes, Pasadena, CA (First retirement facility for Presbyterian missionaries, established in 1924)
  • Site No. 441 Calvary Presbyterian Church, South Pasadena, CA
Synod of the Southwest


Grand Canyon

  • Site No. 320 First Presbyterian Church, Sacaton, AZ

Santa Fe

  • Site No. 445 First Presbyterian Church, Santa Fe, NM
  • Site No. 217 Menaul School, Albuquerque, NM (Founded in 1881 and administered by the Presbyterian Church, first as a school for Mexican boys and currently as a co-educational high school)
  • Site No. 236 Allison-James School, Santa Fe, NM (School founded by Presbyterians in 1866)
  • Site No. 261 Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Farmington, NM
  • Site No. 302 First Presbyterian Church, Raton, NM
  • Site No. 322 Community Presbyterian Church, Jemez Springs, NM
  • Site No. 331 Aztec Presbyterian Church, Aztec, NM

Sierra Blanca

  • Site No. 347 First Presbyterian Church, Lovington, NM
Synod of the Sun



  • Site No. 64 First Presbyterian Church, Clarendon, AR
  • Site No. 134 Morrow Hall, Arkansas College, Batesville, AR (Original classroom building, erected in 1872, of Arkansas College, founded by the Presbyterian Church in 1862)
  • Site No. 171 First Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, AR
  • Site No. 270 Pisgah Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Pottsville, AR
  • Site No. 351 Cane Hill Presbyterian Church, Cane Hill, AR
  • Site No. 396 Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Russellville, AR
  • Site No. 425 Mt. Olive Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Mt. Olive, AR

Eastern Oklahoma

  • Site No. 296 Wheelock Presbyterian Church, Millertown, OK
  • Site No. 303 Dwight Mission, Vian, OK (Presbyterian mission to the Cherokee Indians, established in 1829)


  • Site No. 173 First Presbyterian Church, Clifton, TX
  • Site No. 184 Gum Spring Presbyterian Church, Kilgore, TX
  • Site No. 192 Davis-Ansley Log Cabin, Denison, TX (Meeting house of the first Presbyterian congregation in Grayson County, organized in 1839)
  • Site No. 266 Carolina Cemetery, Lott, TX (Site of the first Presbyterian church in west Falls County)
  • Site No. 306 Grave of John May Becton, Kilgore, TX (Presbyterian missionary in Texas, 1841)
  • Site No. 324 First Presbyterian Church, Kilgore, TX
  • Site No. 443 First Presbyterian Church, Winnsboro, TX


  • Site No. 214 Harper Presbyterian Church, Harper, TX
  • Site No. 251 First Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, TX
  • Site No. 267 First Presbyterian Church, Menard, TX
  • Site No. 436 The Seminary Chapel, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX

New Covenant

  • Site No. 170 First Presbyterian Church, Orange, TX
  • Site No. 339 Webster Presbyterian Church, Webster, TX


  • Site No. 344 Alto Presbyterian Church, Alto, LA

South Louisiana

  • Site No. 313 First Presbyterian Church, New Orleans, LA
  • Site No. 314 Grave of Dr. Sylvester Larned, New Orleans, LA (First minister of the First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans, 1818-1820)
  • Site No. 315 Hungarian Presbyterian Church, Albany, LA
Synod of the Trinity



  • Site No. 14 Mill Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Hookstown, PA
  • Site No. 47 Greersburg Academy, Darlington, PA (First academy west of Pittsburgh, founded by the Presbyterian Church in 1804)
  • Site No. 49 Service United Presbyterian Church, Aliquippa, PA
  • Site No. 57 Darlington Reformed Presbyterian Church, Darlington, PA
  • Site No. 67 Calvin Presbyterian Church, Zelienople, PA
  • Site No. 68 Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Darlington, PA
  • Site No. 81 Frankfort Presbyterian Church, Hookstown, PA
  • Site No. 299 Fern Cliffe, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA (Oldest building on the Geneva College campus, a college of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, 1879)


  • Site No. 24 Paxtang Reformed Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg, PA
  • Site No. 46 Paxton Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg, PA
  • Site No. 54 First Presbyterian Church, Carlisle, PA
  • Site No. 94 Gettysburg Presbyterian Church, Gettysburg, PA
  • Site No. 104 Middle Spring Presbyterian Church, Shippensburg, PA
  • Site No. 121 Old Hanover Presbyterian Churchyard, Grantville, PA
  • Site No. 155 Monaghan Presbyterian Church, Dillsburg, PA
  • Site No. 163 First Presbyterian Church, Millerstown, PA
  • Site No. 166 Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church, Gettysburg, PA
  • Site No. 197 Big Spring Presbyterian Church, Newville, PA
  • Site No. 226 Alexander Dobbin House, Gettysburg, PA (Site of a theological seminary established in 1788 by Dobbin, a Reformed Presbyterian pastor)
  • Site No. 334 Blacks Graveyard, Gettysburg, PA (First site of Gettysburg Presbyterian Church, c. 1740)
  • Site No. 417 Derry Presbyterian Church, Hershey, PA


  • Site No. 31 Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church, Parkesburg, PA
  • Site No. 35 Guinston Presbyterian Church, Airville, PA
  • Site No. 37 First Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, PA
  • Site No. 60 East Vincent United Church of Christ, Phoenixville, PA
  • Site No. 71 Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church, Quarryville, PA
  • Site No. 72 Oxford Presbyterian Church, Oxford, PA
  • Site No. 76 Forks of the Brandywine Presbyterian Church, Glen Moore, PA
  • Site No. 122 Middle Octorara Covenanter Church, Quarryville, PA
  • Site No. 199 Donegal Presbyterian Church, Mount Joy, PA
  • Site No. 212 Doe Run Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Coatesville, PA
  • Site No. 340 Trinity Presbyterian Church, Berwyn, PA
  • Site No. 408 "The Church in the Barrens," Delta, PA


  • Site No. 13 Shavers Creek Presbyterian Church at Manor Hill, Huntingdon, PA
  • Site No. 23 Robert E. Speer Birthplace, Huntingdon, PA (Prominent Presbyterian layman who served the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. for 46 years as Secretary of the Board of Foreign Missions and as Moderator of the General Assembly in 1927)
  • Site No. 186 Kylertown Presbyterian Church, Kylertown, PA
  • Site No. 356 Upper Tuscarora Presbyterian Church & Cemetery, Waterloo, PA
  • Site No. 364 McWilliams Cemetery, Waterloo, PA (Presbyterian cemetery dating to 1766, the oldest in Juniata County)


  • Site No. 85 Gilgal Presbyterian Church, Marion Center, PA
  • Site No. 213 Saltsburg Presbyterian Church, Saltsburg, PA
  • Site No. 330 Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, Lewisville, PA
  • Site No. 333 Numine Presbyterian Church, Nu Mine, PA
  • Site No. 352 Bethel Presbyterian Church, Indiana, PA
  • Site No. 376 Union Presbyterian Church & Cemetery, Cowansville, PA
  • Site No. 421 Slate Lick United Presbyterian Church Cemetery, South Buffalo, PA


  • Site No. 124 First Presbyterian Church, Athens, PA


  • Site No. 249 Warrior Run Presbyterian Church, Watsontown, PA
  • Site No. 271 Old Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Lewisburg, PA


  • Site No. 27 The Third, Scots & Mariners Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA
  • Site No. 28 North & Southampton Reformed Church, Churchville, PA
  • Site No. 32 Old Norriton Presbyterian Church, Fairview Village, PA
  • Site No. 39 Deep Run Presbyterian Church, Perkasie, PA
  • Site No. 45 Old First Reformed Church, Philadelphia, PA
  • Site No. 55 Falkner Swamp Reformed Church, New Hanover, PA
  • Site No. 75 Bensalem Presbyterian Church, Bensalem, PA
  • Site No. 87 Neshaminy-Warwick Presbyterian Church, Hartsville, PA
  • Site No. 88 Neshaminy-Warwick Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Hartsville, PA
  • Site No. 179 Abington Presbyterian Church, Abington, PA
  • Site No. 229 Leiper Presbyterian Church, Swarthmore, PA
  • Site No. 325 Overbrook Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA


  • Site No. 30 Shadyside Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Site No. 58 Bethel Presbyterian Church, Bethel Park, PA
  • Site No. 59 Beulah Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Site No. 263 First Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Site No. 363 East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA


  • Site No. 90 St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Somerset, PA
  • Site No. 93 Unity Presbyterian Church, Latrobe, PA
  • Site No. 97 Old St. Clair Cemetery, Greensburg, PA (Site of the First Presbyterian church in Greensburg, 1816)
  • Site No. 116 Christ Presbyterian Church, North Huntingdon, PA
  • Site No. 375 Old Salem Church & Cemetery, New Derry, PA
  • Site No. 390 Rehoboth Presbyterian Church, Belle Vernon, PA
  • Site No. 411 Middle Presbyterian Church, Mount Pleasant, PA


  • Site No. 105 First Presbyterian Church, New Castle, PA
  • Site No. 414 Amity Presbyterian Church, Grove City, PA

Upper Ohio Valley

  • Site No. 384 First Presbyterian Church, Wheeling, WV
  • Site No. 438 Two Ridges Presbyterian Church, Wintersville, OH


  • Site No. 6 Pigeon Creek Presbyterian Church, Eighty-Four, PA

West Virginia

  • Site No. 117 Elk Branch Presbyterian Church, Duffields, WV
  • Site No. 211 First Presbyterian Church, St. Albans, WV
  • Site No. 444 Kuhn Memorial Presbyterian Church, Barboursville, WV