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Honored Names

In 1987, the 199th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) established a list of honored names to recognize Presbyterians who died serving the church. Nominations are accepted for additions to the list. Click here for more information.

Vene and Nellie Gambell served as missionaries to Alaska in the 1890s. They, along with their young daughter Margaret, died in the sinking of the Jane Gray in May 1898.

Elijah Lovejoy was an outspoken proponent of abolition, and he continued to publish his antislavery newspaper despite repeated attacks on his printing press.  He was killed in 1837 by a mob that stormed the warehouse in Alton, Illinois, where he had tried to hide and protect his press.

Donald McClure served as a missionary for over forty years in the Sudan and Ethiopia.  He was killed by guerillas in Ethiopia in 1977.