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Presbyterians in Times of Controversy

Resources for Study and Reflection

Manuscript of former PHS Executive Director Frederick Heuser's remarks delivered as part of The Spiritual and Practical Aspects of Negotiation of Church Conflict. The Department of Constitutional Services of the Office of the General Assembly sponsored this conference February 19-20, 2012 in Louisville, KY.

The Journal of Presbyterian History
Volume 78, Number 1 - Spring 2000
Presbyterians in Times of Controversy Special Issue

"Division, Dissension, and Compromise: The Presbyterian Church during the Great Awakening," by Marilyn Westerkamp

"The 'Restless Spirit of Radicalism': Old School Fears and the Schism of 1837," by James H. Moorhead

"For Church and Country: The Fundamentalist-Modernist Conflict in the Presbyterian Church," by Bradley J. Longfield

"For Truth and Liberty: Presbyterians and McCarthyism," by Rick Nutt

"Division and Reunion in the Presbyterian Church, U.S.: A Mississippi Retrospective," by R. Milton Winter

"Presbyterians, the United States, and Central America: Background of the 1980s Debate," by Karla Ann Koll

"Do Presbyterians Really Learn from Their History?" by Frederick J. Heuser

The Journal of Presbyterian History
Volume 86, Number 1 - Spring/Summer 2008

"The Fractured Body of Christ: Recollections, Reflections, and Observations on the PCA Schism by an Alabama Pastor," by Vernon S. Broyles III

"Why Am I a Presbyterian?" by Abigail Rian Evans

"Why I Am Re-Entering the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.," by Edwin H. Rian

The Journal of Presbyterian History
Volume 86, Number 2 - Fall/Winter 2008

"In Search of Unity: Presbyterians in the Wake of the First Great Awakening," by John Fea

"After the Breakup, Heartbreak: Conservative Presbyterians without a Common Foe," by D.G. Hart

"Mainstream Presbyterians: Putting the Pieces Together Again after the Fundamentalist Controversy," by James H. Moorhead

The Journal of Presbyterian History
Volume 70, Number 2 - Summer 1992

"Conservative Presbyterians: The Gospel, Social Reform, and the Church in the Progressive Era," By Gary S. Smith