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January 4, 2016

The Presbyterian Historical Society is pleased to award Heritage Preservation Grants to four PC(USA) congregations. The records to be preserved come from two former congregations of the PCUS, a 19th-century church west of the Mississippi, and a New Deal planned community in Appalachia. The winners are:

  • Fairfield Presbyterian Church (Sandy Lake, Pa.), organized in 1831.
  • Presbyterian Church (Floyd, Va.), organized in 1853.
  • First
  • ...
April 4, 2014

On April 1st, we updated our 60-year old microfilming program and officially went digital. Microfilm used to be the only way to permanently preserve records, but technological advances have made digital preservation a good alternative and far superior in its usability, cost, and space saving benefits. Furthermore, microfilm can still be used in conjunction with a digital preservation program by...

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