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September 12, 2023

"Let's continue our worship. You're just going to have to follow the cantor," begins Dr. Melva Costen at the beginning of a seminar on African American worship, leading the group in the Zulu church song Thuma Mina. The group sings "Send me Jesus, send me Lord." Dr. Melva Wilson Costen, Presbyterian intellectual, and key source in the study of African American church music and worship, died September 8 in Atlanta. She was 90 years old.

Melva Ruby Wilson was...

September 11, 2023

Each month, the Presbyterian Historical Society is bearing witness to the lives of African American leaders throughout the history of the denomination. Click here to learn how PHS is collecting records of the Black Presbyterian experience through the African American Leaders and Congregations Initiative.

Additionally, a free bulletin insert about each figure is available for download at the end...

August 29, 2023

In July, PHS welcomed BKBB Archives Intern Sade Trice. Read the interview below to hear about Sade's experience at the Presbyterian Historical Society.


What initially interested you in an internship at the Presbyterian Historical Society?

S: I realized that I was passionate about the librarianship field, so I wanted to explore opportunities that were in or closely related to that area. I enjoy researching, learning, and helping others, and it...

August 29, 2023

--by Nancy Ehrlich

Oral tradition, written reminiscences, snippets of his public life, and a few public records offer glimpses of Nicholas Carper’s call to use his gifts and talents to preach God’s word.[1]

Nicholas Carper was born enslaved in 1776, probably in the western Virginia mountains. His mother, name unknown, was the property and daughter of German Evangelical John Jacob Carper. At some point, Nicholas and his mother came into the possession of Jeremiah James “Jerry” Jack of Huguenot descent...

August 24, 2023

Dr. Heath W. Carter is the new senior co-editor of The Journal of Presbyterian History. Carter, associate professor of American Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary, will work alongside Presbyterian Historical Society (PHS) Executive Director Nancy J. Taylor in overseeing The Journal, which PHS has published since 1901.

“I am thrilled to be joining...

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